Dube AgriZone specialises in the propagation, cultivation and processing of high-value agricultural and horticultural crops. Dube AgriZone is Africa’s first integrated perishables supply chain and offers the most technologically advanced future-farming platform on the continent. The zone hosts the largest climate-controlled glass-covered growing area in Africa, as well as the cutting-edge Dube AgriLab.

Dube AgriZone, part of the designated SEZ, is designed to stimulate the growth of KwaZulu- Natal’s short shelf-life perishables sector, including vegetables and cut flowers, enabling improved agricultural yields, consistent quality year-round production, superior management of disease, and immediate post-harvest airlifting to both domestic and export markets.

The facility’s greenhouses offer cutting-edge technology, and also include dedicated post-harvest pack houses, a central packing-and-distribution centre, and a nursery. The facilities are fully serviced with rainwater harvesting, solar energy, on-site waste management, irrigation, and other necessary infrastructure.

Dube AgriZone houses Dube AgriLab, the only commercial tissue culture laboratory in KwaZulu- Natal. The lab propagates high-quality, disease-free, true-to-type young plants through tissue culture.

Dube AgriZone’s proximity to Dube Cargo Terminal, with access to the Dube AiRoad trucking fleet, provides a seamless cold chain that gives retailers and consumers access to high-quality fresh produce.

For more information, visit agrizone.dubetradeport.co.za


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dube-agrizone-agrihouseDube Agrihouse

dube-cucumbers-agrizoneGreen House Cucumbers in Dube Agrizone

Green House Peppers in Dube Agrizone


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